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PMC Sand Control Screen

PMC Sand Control Screen

PMC Sand Control ScreenPMC Sand Control ScreenPMC Sand Control Screen
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Description of PMC Sand Control Screen:

PMC Sand Control Screen ,UBO  factory can serve different specifications of PMC sand control screen, which is a new efficient technology of mechanical sand control with excellent performance in practice by its high permeability, high strength, high deformation adaptive capacity, high reliability and good anti corrosion property.

PMC sand control screen mainly consists of base perforated pipe, PMC sand control filtration jacket, and stainless steel outer protective shroud. The base pipe is of API casing or API tubing. The PMC sand control filtration jacket is made of multilayer stainless steel precise micropore weaves. All parts of PMC screen are welded together.

Features of PMC Sand Control Screen

1) For common wells, the base pipe is API casing or tubing (J55, N80, etc.). PMC sand control filtration jacket and protective shroud are made of high quality stainless steel.

2) For special wells in H2S, CO2 or C1 corrosive environment, the base pi-pe is anti-corrosion casing or tubing, even is stainless steel tubing. PMC sa-nd control filtration jacket and protective shroud are made of high quality st-ainless steel.

3) Have anti-corrosion ability to acid, alkali, or salts

Application of PMC Sand Control Screen

Sand screen can be used for vertical wells, the inclined shaft, horizontal wells and various gas, oil and water wells. Can be used individually as sand control tube, also can be used together with filling.

From the inside to the outside, the screen is made with the composite sand filtration kits, stainless steel protection kits and other components. The basic tube is API casing or tubing, sand control filters are stainless steel precision porous filter composite materials, made of the whole welded structure. Because of high penetration, high-intensity, high resistance to deformation, high reliability, good corrosion resistance, the new type of sand control screen has excellent performance property. It is the result of a highly effective new technology in mechanical sand control. This is also our patented product.

                                 PMC Sand Control Screen

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