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Mining Rotary Drum Sieve Screen

Mining Rotary Drum Sieve Screen

Mining Rotary Drum Sieve ScreenMining Rotary Drum Sieve Screen
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Description of Mining Rotary Drum Sieve Screen:

The rotary screen is a mining machinery, also called roller screen, which is widely used in dry powdered or granular material screening in industries such as metallurgy, building materials, grain, chemical and fertilizer etc. This product can also be used for the wet granular material screening.

The working surface of the rotary drum screen can be divided into cylindrical, truncated conical, the angular cylindrical and pyramidal. The rotation axis of cylindrical and angular cylindrical rotary drum screens usually install into small angels (4-7°). The truncated conical and pyramidal ones are installed horizontally. When the screened materials flow into the rotary drum device, as a result of the rotation of the cylinder, the materials on the screen surface will rotate and roll, finally the qualified materials will be discharged through the screen mesh to the back funnel and the unqualified materials will be discharged from the end of the rotary drum.

Advantages of mining rotary drum sieve screen

♦ Small installation angle and No-blocking
♦ Simple operation, convenient adjustment and maintenance
♦ No vibration, no noise and long service life
♦ Strong screening capacity and wide application range.

      mining rotary drum sieve screen

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