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Grids for Static De-watering Filters

Grids for Static De-watering Filters

Grids for Static De-watering FiltersGrids for Static De-watering FiltersGrids for Static De-watering Filters
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Description of Grids for Static De-watering Filters:

The Grids for Static De-watering Filter is a flat screen panel that provides uniform flow collection which is essential in many applications. This is particularly important when screens are used to reserve expensive ion exchange resins. Support grids provide superior media retention characteristics in vessels of all types. They feature durable construction, precise open area, and are virtually non-clogging. For larger vessel diameters SanQiang screen support grids are fabricated in segments to allow installation through a vessel man-way.

We manufacture multiple combinations of screens for static separation. These sieves work under gravity, with solids and liquids separated by a welded wire screen that is either slightly inclined or bent.

Frequently used in down-flow vessels, support grids are flat screens that are used to support filter media. At Delta Screens, we can manufacture support grids in the material, size, shape and to the exact specification your situation requires. We can also create support grids as a single form, or as multiple segments for installation through your machinery.

The liquid passes over and through the screen, while particles are expelled at the bottom. In order to optimise separation performance, we configure the inclination of wires (up to 6°) depending on the particular application.

Application of Grids for Static De-watering Filters

used in wide range of applications in the field of process engineering such as Sugarcane juice Filtration, Waste Water Treatment, Steel, Coal & Ore processing, Crude Oil and Natural Gas production and Vessel Internal solving problems of Solid/Liquid and Solid/gas separation, De-watering, Sizing, Filtration of Oils, Gases, Paints, Food Products, Water, Fuels, Liquid Cooling Agents, Chemicals etc.

      Grids for Static De-watering Filters

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