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External Fed Rotary Screen

External Fed Rotary Screen

  • Category:Water Well Screen
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Properties:Water Well screen
  • Application:water treatment, oilfield, mining, water well,food industry, filtration
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External Fed Rotary Screen
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Description of External Fed Rotary Screen:

Rotary Screen influent enters through a head box where it passes through the slowly rotating screen opening. The solids larger than the screen opening are retained and rotate on the screen surface and then removed by a tensioned doctor blade or rotary brush which rides the face of the screen with just the right amount of pressure.
The JAGTAP Rotary Screen is self-cleaning under normal operation; the natural action of waste water flows through the screen creates a powerful backwash which results in a continuously clean screen surface.

The rotary screen is equipped with internal spray nozzles to removed grease, fats and other contaminant build-up from the screen openings.

Features of External Fed Rotary Screen

304 stainless steel construction
unitary frame
wedgewire drum
TEFC motor and shaft-mounted geardrive
headbox, with overflow protection
doctor blade assembly with monel blade
internal spray bar

Application of External fed Rotary Screen

Poultry, and seafood processing Municipal waste treatment system
Fruit and vegetables processing Industrial waste treatment system
Snack and frozen food processing Pulp & Paper Industrial processing
Brewing and wine processing Tanning Industrial processing
Chemical processing Meat processing

External fed Rotary Screen

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