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sieve Plate network

sieve Plate network

  • Category:Water Process & Fluid Treatment
  • Material:wedge wire 304 316L
  • Properties:Clarification
  • Application:screening, filtration, dehydrating, desliming in many trades extensively
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sieve Plate network
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Description of sieve Plate network:

      The sieve plate network has another name called the ore screen, machine screen. The sieve plate network produced, the ore screen, machine screen series are as follows, compound type screen, the stainless steel welds the screen, the sieve plate of rectilinear vibration, jigging machine stainless steel weld the sieve plate, centrifugal dehydrator and sift basket, perforated tail pine, adhesive tape sieve plate, various types of arcual screen and sieve plate, damping arcual screen and sieve plate of high strength.

Application for sieve Plate network:

Sieve plate network, the ore screen, the machine screen is applied to homework such as screening, filtration, dehydrating, desliming in many trades extensively. It has very high intensity, rigidity and bearing capacity, can make into various rigid screening filters of shape. Sieve plate network, the ore screen, the material of the machine screen can be made to order according to the customer's demand.

Characteristics for sieve Plate network:

High mechanical strength
High wear resistance
High impact resistance
Larger open area
Self-supporting structure
Non-plugging slot design
Lower operation and maintenance cost

company porducts for sieve Plate network:

Our company can process the planking of different materials, if the metal is as follows, iron plate, corrosion resistant plate, stainless steel honeycomb board, copper plate, aluminium sheet, plating the zinc plate,etc.. ...With people to the intersection of sieve plate and the intersection of network and rise gradually of understanding, the sieve plate network will represent its elegance in broader field.

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sieve Plate network

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