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Sand Control Screen

Sand Control Screen

Sand Control Screen
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Description of Sand Control Screen:

 Sand Control Screen mainly consists of perforated base pipe, PMC sand control filt-ration jacket, and stainless steel outer protective shroud. The base pipe is of API casing or API tubing. The PMC sand control filtration jacket is ma-de of multilayer stainless steel precise micropore weaves. All parts of PMC screen are welded together.

              PMC screen is a new efficient technology of mechanical sand control wi-th excellent performance in practice by its high permeability, high strength, high deformation adaptive capacity, high reliability and good anti-corrosion property. PMC screen is a patent technology of HNHT.

              Sand Control Screen Features Materials and Anticorrosion Ability.

              1. For common wells, the base pipe is API casing or tubing (J55, N80, etc.). PMC sand control filtration jacket and protective shroud are made of high quality stainless steel.

              2. For special wells in H2S, CO2 or C1 corrosive environment, the base pi-pe is anti-corrosion casing or tubing, even is stainless steel tubing. PMC sa-nd control filtration jacket and protective shroud are made of high quality st-ainless steel.

              3. Have anti-corrosion ability to acid, alkali, or salts


              Sand Control Screen mainly consists of perforated base pipe, stainless steel filtration jacket with punched slot, and backup ring. The base pipe is of API casing or API tubing with many drilled holes. The filtration jacket with punched slot is made of high quality stainless steel, and the spatial slot in high dense array over it is achieved by digital control precise punching. In the end, the filtration jacket with punched slot is welded onto the perforated base pipe through backup ring. In application, the formation sand can not easily enter the filtration jacket while the formation fluid can easily flow into screen through space between punched slots. So sand control is achieved.If needed, an extra outer protective shroud can be added outside the filtration jacket so to strengthen protection for the filtration jacket.

              1. Slot with precise control The width of slot can range from 0.30~1.00mm with its width accuracy as ±0.05mm. So, it can match the formation sand in different particle size, and perfectly meet the requirement of sand control under the well.

              2. With strong anti-corrosion ability Stainless steel filtration jacket with punched slot has strong resistance to acid, alkali, and salt. It is highly adaptive to H2S, CO2, and enables the space between slots not expanded because of corrosion in long-term use.

              3. Perfect integral strength and strong anti-deformation ability, The internal part of filtration jacket is supported by base pipe and the outer protective shroud can be fixed outside the filtration jacket if necessary. The integral strength of base pipe with drilled holes is merely 2~3% less than standard casing or tubing. So it can withstand compression deformation from stratum with sufficient integral strength. Even if local deformation occurs, the gap of compressed part will not be enlarged. It has been proved to be highly reliable on sand control.


Filter Element, Filter disc, Filter screen

All Chemical Fiber industry. Can be used for any of the filtration systems. Can be renewed if needed. Size per customer request.

Quality is the key, and we never sacrifice it.


a.2 types ( according to the connecting method): Welded and Assembled.

b. Materials Used: Imported Metal Fiber Sintered Felt, Domestic Metal Fiber Sintered Felt, 304 Dutch Wire Mesh(Plain Dutch weave type and Twilled Dutch weave type), 304 regular Wire Mesh. Materials used per customer request.

d. Different types available.


a. Strict Material Quality control to avoid the problems. Never use the less quality wire mesh as a way to lower cost, such as wire mesh of shorter SWG; never mix iron with stainless steel.

b. Reliable quality ensures the long lasting of the filter element, helping customer lower the cost.

c. Designed to meet customers' request; can help the customers choose the right type according to the filters they are using.

Sand Control Screen

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