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Hub Lateral Assemblies

Hub Lateral Assemblies

Hub Lateral Assemblies
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Description of Hub Lateral Assemblies:

Header Lateral and Hub Lateral assemblies consist of a series of screen laterals connected to either a central-header pipe or a hub, they are important components of ion exchange units, media filters, sand filters, carbon strip vessels, carbon towers, clay filters and in many water and waster water treatment applications.

Designed for Hub & Lateral or Header Lateral systems in softeners, fi lters, deionizers, dealkalizers and other water treatment applications. Plastomer Hub & Lateral systems offer highly effi cient distribution and collection of water and regenerants in water processing equipment. The laterals utilize a pipe core with openings designed and arranged to distribute water throughout the entire length of the lateral, providing a uniform fl ow. This helps prevent channeling in the media bed during service. The pipe core has a thick molded beam and ring reinforcing for strength. Individual screen segments, featuring self cleaning v-slots, are engineered to couple with each other and are installed over the pipe core creating a lateral much stronger than that of slotted pipe.

hub lateral assemblies

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