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wedge Screen decks and floors

wedge Screen decks and floors

wedge Screen decks and floorswedge Screen decks and floorswedge Screen decks and floors
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Description of wedge Screen decks and floors:

Flat welded wedge wire panels offer a perfectly flat and smooth surface with rectangular openings.

wedge Screen decks and floors Ideally suited for a wide array of architectural and landscaping purposes,the versatility of Hendrick Screens allows architects to explore limitless possibilities for their use.From entrance grilles that keep lobbies clean to energy-saving sunshades, from stainless steel tree grating to detailed laser-cut signage, architectural metal screens function seamlessly while adding a dash of style to their environment.

Stainless steel Flat wedge screen panel is made of SS "V"shaped and SS "V"shaped or SS "V"shapedand SS Support
"V"shaped rod ,and SS "V"shaped and SS "Square "shaped rod or Convex shape wirewith an unique welding process, offering great strenght .precision ,long service life . The Screen havea perfectly flat and smooth surface with rectangular openings , also named flat wedge wire screen ,flat wedge wire screen panel or wedge wire .

Application of wedge Screen decks and floors

Perfect for interior and exterior use,design options abound with our ability to provide custom fabrication to your exact specifications. We offer a large variety of metals, bar designs, styles, and dimensions to help you fulfill your architectural vision. Combining strength and beauty, our metal screens are easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain, and are a cost-effective solution for a myriad of applications.

       wedge Screen decks and floors

It is suitable for filtering tank, water treatment equipment, padding under the filtering .
medium and even layout of top water.
According to your requirements, we can process and manufacture various shapes of sieve plates.

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