Now we are selling sell Refine header hub laterals, welcome to order.-
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sell Refine header hub laterals

sell Refine header hub laterals

sell Refine header hub lateralssell Refine header hub lateralssell Refine header hub lateralssell Refine header hub laterals
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Description of sell Refine header hub laterals:

"Water lateral screen" is working in a certain area on the layout of water according to certain rule, the most common is uniform water distribution on the surface of the work. Complete the task of devices called cloth.
Common cloth water are perforated tube, nozzle, filter head, spinning cloth. , for example, sand filter in the water distribution device is composed of main branch - cloth hole, the underside of each branch pipe even decorate many pitch, such as the diameter of the holes, such as filter backwash water from the main to the branch pipe, again by the hole in the pipe flow upward uniform washing sand filter. Rotating water distribution device is able to rotate perforated tube, also often used in water treatment.

Feature of sell Refine header hub laterals

Stainless steel v-wire handling devices, instead of stainless steel tubes by hole on Polyester mesh vintage pipe, large flow area, distributed water, high mechanical strength, temperature resistance, pressure resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance is greatly improved. Stainless steel wire spacing can be designed according to the size of the index finger.  

Application of sell Refine header hub laterals

water, waste water recycling equipment -- -- -- -- -- - industrial area, such as electroplating, electronics, textile printing and dyeing water, waste water recycling 

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