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Stainless Steel Hub Laterals

Stainless Steel Hub Laterals

Stainless Steel Hub LateralsStainless Steel Hub LateralsStainless Steel Hub Laterals
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Description of Stainless Steel Hub Laterals:

Stainless steel hub lateral is an assembly utilising a header pipe or a hub to which several filtering tubes are attached to enable collection or distribution of a gas or liquid, within a media. The purpose is to eliminate dead zones, wall effects or channelling in order to maximise efficiency.

Design of Stainless Steel Hub Laterals

Assembly - The purpose of the top or bottom, distributor and collector assembly is to collect or distribute a uniform flow within the media or for intermediate collection or distribution in mixed-bed processes. Attention must be applied to the need for backwashing or regeneration. Designs include a hub with spokes or parallel laterals.

Features of Stainless Steel Hub Laterals

The hub laterals manufacture is made of V shaped stainless steel wire. It has flow area.water distribution uniformity, the high mechanical strength, temperature,pressure,anti aging, anti corrosive has been greatly enhanced. Stainless steel wire around the space under the index finger to the size of the design.

                          stainless steel hub laterals

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