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SS316 water intake screen

SS316 water intake screen

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  • Material:stainless steel
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  • Application:screen
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Detailed description of the SS316 water intake screen :

SS316 water intake screen


Water intake key Features Cylinder Intake / Fish Screens
Cylinders concentrate a large amount of surface into a small area
Strong stainless steel construction with wedgewire cylinders provide durability
Powerful and thorough brushing inside and out keep the screens clean and free of debris
Even flows distributed along the screen surface provide better fish protection
Easily retrievable with winch and track system allowing for easy access for maintenance
Cathodically protected minimizing corrosion from ionic electrical action
Control & Power Features
Marine-duty hydraulic drive motor rotates cleaning brushes
Control panel allows user defined cleaning cycles
Solar power option
Interfaces with customers SCADA controls
Remote monitoring and control available
Wedgewire slot width options
Screen design and construction for extreme design loads
Custom control panels to match customer's equipment if necessary
Screen lengths and diameters meet application needs

•Optimum quality (pre-filtered water)
•Low running cost
•Low maintenance
•Avoids biological activity (algae, plankton, etc)
•Easily cleanable
•Environmentaly friendly, avoiding negative impact
•Constant feed (not decreasing over time)
•Flexibility to adjust the water flow

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