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SS316 Rotary Drum Thickener manufacturer

SS316 Rotary Drum Thickener manufacturer

SS316 Rotary Drum Thickener manufacturerSS316 Rotary Drum Thickener manufacturerSS316 Rotary Drum Thickener manufacturer
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Description of SS316 Rotary Drum Thickener manufacturer:

Adopt 1-20mm pore filtering process. Drum type micro filter machine is a mechanical filtering method. It is suitable for the solid liquid matter existing in the maximum limit; achieve the goal of solid and liquid two phase separation. Under the low hydraulic resistance, high flow velocity, intercept live solid.

This rotary drum is based on existing grille jams easily, easy to damage, secondary investment problems such as more specifically developed is one of the best practical technologies for wastewater treatment.

Characteristics of SS316 Rotary Drum 

Simple structure, smooth operation, easy maintenance, long service life.
Big filter ability, high efficiency, waste water suspended solids recovery rate more than 80%.
Covers an area of small, low cost, low speed operation, automatic protection, and convenient installation.
Automatic continuous work, do not need specialist care, strain the material concentration up to 18%.
Technical Parameter

Appplication of SS316 Rotary Drum 

It widely apply to the various necessaries occasions for solid-liquid separation, such as life municipal sewage, papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical, mining wastewater filtration, to the repeated use of a closed cycle.

                       SS316 Rotary Drum Thickener manufacturer

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