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Hub-Lateral Collector

Hub-Lateral Collector

Hub-Lateral CollectorHub-Lateral CollectorHub-Lateral Collector
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Description of Hub-Lateral Collector:

Hub-Lateral Collector Header-Lateral or Hub-Lateral Collector/Distributors fabricated with wedge wire are superior screens for retaining media in vessels of all types, i.e. ion exchangers, carbon towers, clay filters, sand filters, and numerous other liquid-solid retention applications.A collector and distributor is an assembly utilising a header pipe or a hub to which several filtering tubes are attached to enable collection or distribution of a gas or liquid, within a media. The purpose is to eliminate dead zones, wall effects or channelling in order to maximise efficiency.

In comparison with wire mesh and perforated metal, wedge wire continuous slot screens have more open area, have very precise openings, are stronger and more durable, are virtually non-clogging and reduce media abrasion. Wire mesh and perforated pipe may be less expensive initially, but wedge wire screens offer easier installation and long-term operating and cost benefits.

Wedge wire screens have maximum design flexibility, can be constructed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from a variety of corrosion resistant alloys such as type 304, 316, 316L, 321, and 410S stainless steels, as well as nickel alloys such as C-276. Any process or vessel requirements can be accommodated, such as vertical or horizontal vessels.

Application of Hub-Lateral Collector

Collector / Distributor systems are important components of ion exchange units, media
filters, sand filters, carbon strip vessels, carbon towers, clay filters, and in many water and
wastewater treatment applications.

Hub-Lateral Collector

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