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Chip Wringer Oil Screens

Chip Wringer Oil Screens

Chip Wringer Oil ScreensChip Wringer Oil ScreensChip Wringer Oil Screens
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Description of Chip Wringer Oil Screens:

Chip Wringer Oil Screens are used in chip processing centrifuges to separate residual machining fluids (coolants and oils) from metal chip waste (swarf). Significant cost reduction results from reclaiming machining fluids. In addition, a drip-free metal waste product commands a premium market price.

 supplies a wide variety of chip wringer screens for manufacturers of chip processing equipment (OEMs) including Ajax Tocco (Premelt), Automet, Mayfran International (Reclamet), Inter-Source Recovery, Prab, National Conveyors, Chip Systems International, and others.

Screens are made using  custom wedge profile bar wire in a variety of screen sizes and slot openings. Our precision laser cut support rods provide for consistent slot openings. Our  welded construction makes our chip wringer screens the most durable screens on the market.

Advantages of Chip Wringer Oil Screens          

-- USSCO Wedge Bar Wire.

-- 24” ID to 50” ID.

-- Various OEM sizes, styles and slot openings.

-- Standard in 304 SS, available in 316 SS.

-- Wear resistant chrome available.

-- Heat treatment services available.

    Chip Wringer Oil Screens

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