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wedge wire filter strainer baskets

wedge wire filter strainer baskets

wedge wire filter strainer baskets
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Description of wedge wire filter strainer baskets:

The main screen by the flanges, strengthen, ribs, strengthen the ring,stainless steel cone nets tube composition, including stainless steel cone tube by several piece of fan network screen a compound (when compound in special on die, die independent design is outsourced processing), the screen is made of stainless steel wire rolling into special shape article screen and support by special equipment welding forming article, article screening along the screen basket cone bus arrangement. In order to reduce the sieve seam congestion, made on the small screen seam under big. Sieve seam specifications for 0.3 ~ 1 mm general, can according to customer request. Screen basket through the flanges or next on the flange hole bolt and host into an organic whole repeatedly.

Use of wedge wire filter strainer baskets

centrifuge screen basket is centrifuge dewatering equipment of key components,screen basket is mainly used in centrifugal machine dehydration,widely used in coal, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, etc.Screen basket is one of the key components of centrifugal machine,

Feature of cwedge wire filter strainer baskets

high speed rotating parts is, not only to withstand vibration sieve basket load, but also bear coal, water serious impact, so the strength.

wedge wire filter strainer baskets

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