Now we are selling sell Rotory Wing Screen Basket, welcome to order.-
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sell Rotory Wing Screen Basket

sell Rotory Wing Screen Basket

sell Rotory Wing Screen Basket
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Description of sell Rotory Wing Screen Basket:

The most proper wedge bar will be selected according to different raw material and different processing position in order to develop good performance, achieve optimized screening effect and meet customer’s requirements.

Features of sell Rotory Wing Screen Basket

Wedge bar material is SS316L after mechanical polishing. Good processing technology ensures fit precision of wedge bar and reinforce ring and make sure the evenness of screen cut.

It is a common screen basket. Its main feature is that high mechanical strength, smoothness and tolerance sccuracy. It is suitable for the high consistency pulp screen and before the head box.

Advantage of sell Rotory Wing Screen Basket

A good product starts from bit by bit. Stress on the particulars and make an industrial product as an artware,this is Sinostar's
delighted pursuance.We give you a good product in a shortest possible time! Wherever your are, Sinostar's products can be
sent to you to any part of the world quickly and the customer can be assured. Screen basket of Sinostar guarantees
progressive lowering production cost,elevation of productivity improvement of quality for your company. 

Application of sell Rotory Wing Screen Basket

The Rotory Wing Screen Basket can be used in food processing, waste water filtration, pulp and paper as well as mineral processing applications. Wedge wire or profile screen half cylinders can be added to an auger or screw press to separate solids from liquids in food, waste water, minerals and industrial grit/chips from coolant.

sell Rotory Wing Screen Basket

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