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Rotary Drum Coarse Pressure Screen

Rotary Drum Coarse Pressure Screen

Rotary Drum Coarse Pressure Screen
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Description of Rotary Drum Coarse Pressure Screen:

Rotary Drum Coarse Pressure Screen utilize a cylindrical drum constructed of wedge wire screen to remove solid materials from waste streams at capacities from 200 to 4,650 gal/min. (757 to 17,600 liter/min.). Effluent discharges from a head box, overflows a dam and flows onto the outside of the rotating cylinder, allowing water to pass through the wedgewire into the cylinder. A doctor blade scrapes sludge and debris collected on the outside of the cylinder, while an internal spray line dislodges particles blinding the screen.

Rotary Drum Coarse Pressure Screen

Application of Rotary Drum Coarse Pressure Screen

Rendering plants to separate sludge
Plastic extrusions cooling bath water to separate pellets
Municipal wastewater sludge removal
Pulp and paper sludge removal
Separation of solids from any slurry in high volumes

Advantages of Rotary Drum Coarse Pressure Screen

1.Production process continuity: V-shaped profile wires creating slots which enlarge inwardly and therefore avoid clogging and minimize downtime.
2.Low maintenance costs: Separation at the screen surface which can easily cleaned by scraping or back washing.
3.Maximum process output: Precise and continuous slot openings resulting in accurate separation without loss off media.
4.Low operational costs: Large open area with an effective flow, high yield and a low pressure drop (dP)
5.Long live: Welded at each intersection creating a strong and durable screen.
6.Reduced installation costs: supporting constructions eliminating costly support media and enabling a maximum flexibility in the design of components.
7.Chemical and thermal resistant: A variety of corrosion resistant stainless steel materials and many exotic alloys suitable for high temperatures and pressures.

Rotary Drum Coarse Pressure Screen

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