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Pressure Screen Slotted Basket

Pressure Screen Slotted Basket

  • Category:Mineral & Aggregate Processing
  • Material:stainless steel 304,304L,304HC,316,316L,321,430 or as per your request.
  • Properties:Mineral & Aggregate Processing
  • Application:water treatment, oilfield, mining, water well,food industry, filtration
  • tag:pressure screen, slotted basket,wedge wire screen,stainless steel,
Pressure Screen Slotted Basket
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Description of Pressure Screen Slotted Basket:

Our pressure screen slotted baskets are custom designed and manufactured to meet customer specifications. Available in wedge wire, electron beam drilled or milled slotted, these baskets add quality to any pressure screen assembly.These baskets can also be designed to fit headbox applications. All of our screening products are based on sound science.Not guesswork or myths or magic wands – but a thorough understanding of physics, fluid dynamics, mechanical forces, slot tolerances, rotor clearances, and the nuances of pulp suspensions.

Features of Pressure Screen Slotted Basket

It is suitable to be as fine screen for waste paper.the screen cylinder gains long life and high throughput with the bar structure.it is convenient to clean the screen slot with high pulsing frequency in the structure of multifoil or drum rotor. The multifoil rotor promotes the axial mixture for the stock to avoid stock thickening in the screening process.

Advantages of Pressure Screen Slotted Basket

1) Many wing pieces, no winding, highly efficient rotary drum type rotor.

2) Pulp consistency can reach 2.5~4%, reduce water consumption and fiber loss of production process.

3) Heavy impurity discharge tube, ensure the security of the sieve drum operation.

4) Advanced structure, strong and durable, easy dismounting, low energy consumption, less wastage fiber

5) Equipped with automatic oiling and mechanical seal water monitoring device, high degree of automation.

6) Compact structure, small power, high output.

Working Principle of Pressure Screen Slotted Basket

Pressure screen under the rotating function of drum sieve and rotating cylinder and centrifugation effect. The machine will separate the qualified pulp and non-qualified pulp.It consist of cylinder, cylinder cover, sieve drum, rotary cylinder,base and transmission parts, etc.

pressure screen slotted basket

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