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Pipe Base Screen

Pipe Base Screen

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Pipe Base Screen
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Description of Pipe Base Screen:

The base pipe, casing or tubing, is selected to API specifications by size, grade and weight for each of your required applications.

We produce the proven slip-on type of pipe base screen. Our slip-on type of pipe base screen is manufactured from two components: the base pipe and the slip-on screen. The base pipe, casing or tubing, is selected to API specifications by size, grade and weight for each of your required applications. See Table 3, for our standard range.

The base pipe will then be perforated with a series of holes drilled to a pre-determined quantity and pattern, see Table 3 above, to carefully balance flow-capacity at each end for both down-hole handling.

The holes are then debarred and the joint cleaned, inspected and treated to give the base pipe a long shelf life.

Our slip-on screens are manufactured to very exact diameter, length gauge and strength tolerances. This is done by selecting the required profile wire and support rod, which determine the flow-capacity and strength of the slip-on screen. For each gauge opening in the screen we select a slightly greater than that of the perforated base pipe. This will give the pipe base screen optimum flow-capacity at minimum pressure drop across the screen. Having selected the correct profile wire and support rod for a specific application, the slip-on screen can now be fabricated using our highly sophisticated fabricating machines which cylindrically wrap the profile wire into the electronically controlled screen fabricating machine, resulting in a uniform, cylinder-like continuous and constant gauge screen of high strength by fusion-welding the profile wire to the support rods at each intersection.
Because of the large number of support rods and consequently large number of welds per unit length of screen, PIPAMAS slip-on screens are superior in strength and have less likelihood of the profile wire unraveling during setting or pulling of the screen, it is slipped over the perforated base pipe straddling the perforated section.

The protective weld rings are then welded to the base pipe at each end of the slip-on screen, holding it securely in position and adding protection to the slip-on screen in the well during setting and pulling.
Ubo standard slip-on screen are manufactured from SS.304 material; however, other materials are available if the conditions in the well dictate the use of a higher grade of stainless steel. For example, when the well conditions are such that the total dissolved solids are greater than 10,000 ppm or the bottom hole temperature is higher than 165° Fahrenheit. In these instances, we would recommend the use of SS.316 material for the slip-on screen, because of its higher nickel content and the presence of molybdenum which has greater corrosion resistance properties.
Ubo slip-on screens are constructed in diameters form 1.72" O/D to 10.75" in lengths of up to 30' in one piece and gauge openings from 0.001" accuracy. This then means that the actual pipe base screen joint can be up to 30' of effective screen length plus two blank end lengths.


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