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Centrifuge Rotary Screen

Centrifuge Rotary Screen

Centrifuge Rotary Screen
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Description of Centrifuge Rotary Screen:

Centrifuge Rotary Screen as the key part used in Centrifuge require high precision and strength.It work at rotary screen will support the pound by water and coal.
Centrifuge Rotary Screens are make of wedge wire cone-shape screen,flanges,strengthen rib,strengthen ring,the cone shape screen is welded from pieces fan shape wedge wire screen sieves.

Centrifuge Rotary Screen

Characteristics of Centrifuge Rotary Screen

continuous slot screens, stronger and more durable
more open area, very precise openings
virtually non-clogging and reduce media abrasion
easier installation and long-term operating and cost benefits

Application of Centrifuge Rotary Screen

Our products are widely used for wine-making, malting, paper-making, mining, crement-producing, food-processing, oil-refining, painting as well as the industries of cigarette, sugar, foodstuff, noise-sliencer, environmental protection, agricultural machine, chemical industry and pharmacy industry.

Centrifuge Rotary Screen

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