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wedge wire intake screen

wedge wire intake screen

wedge wire intake screenwedge wire intake screenwedge wire intake screen
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Description of wedge wire intake screen:

wedge wire intake screen as the important parts used in the water treatment equipment for power plant,waste water processes, the Vee shape wire are stainless steel AISI 316L.Slot size from 0.2 to 0.25mm.

We can manufacture single wedge wire screen nozzle,double wedge wire nozzle,also used in the lon exchanger.

Applications of wedge wire intake screen

water softening treatment equipment, replace Polypropylene ( PP ) filter;sand filters, carbon filters, ion exchange systems, carbon absorbers,media retention, backwash retention, resin retention and resin traps.

Advantages of wedge wire intake screen

• Optimum quality (pre-filtered water)

• Low running cost

• Low maintenance

• Avoids biological activity (algae, plankton, etc)

• Easily cleanable

• Environmentaly friendly, avoiding negative impact

• Constant feed (not decreasing over time)

• Flexibility to adjust the water flow

                                    wedge wire intake screen
UBO is specialized in producing and distributing wedge wire screen,lauter tun screens,sieve bend screen,sieve plate screen,water strainer&nozzle,screen nozzles,centrifuge screens and baskets,header- lateral etc. 

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