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wedge wire Cylindrical Strainers

wedge wire Cylindrical Strainers

wedge wire Cylindrical Strainers
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Description of wedge wire Cylindrical Strainers:

Wedge wire screen is supplied in stainless steel and other special steel metals and alloy metal screens, mainly used on dewatering equipment.

Wedge wire screen is made with certain size of woven wire cloth as screen fabrics, then framed with stainless steel or coated carbon steel plates.

Features of wedge wire cylindrical strainers

1) continuous gaps provide larger aperture ratio

2) Precision gaps dimensions

3) difficult to clog,wear-resistance

Applications of wedge wire cylindrical strainers

used for screening, filtering, dehydration, water treatment, food, petroleum, environmental protection and other industries.

                                            wedge wire Cylindrical Strainers

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