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stainless steel sieve bend screen

stainless steel sieve bend screen

stainless steel sieve bend screen
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Description of stainless steel sieve bend screen:

stainless steel sieve bend screen can impact on large size metal, nonmetal plank of all kinds of long hole, square hole, round hole and special-shaped hole (thick sheet plate 1.5 m * 4 m, 1.5 m x C plate material), after the steel structure of punching forming sound-absorbing choi steel, porous sound-absorbing anechoic panels, roof, decorate the stereo speakers halftone, heavy light rhombic steel, metallurgy, mining, feed, crushing filtering equipment sieve plate, sheet products, such as minimum aperture ¢0.1 mm, and metal plate leveling, roll shearing, folding, argon welding, molding processing.
Normally with galvanized steel, stainless steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, nickel plate and alloy plate as raw material, and approved by the punch die stamping.Products are beautiful, strong integrity, mesh uniform, with smooth surface, also in processing, low cost, etc.

Features of stainless steel sieve bend screen

1) Wedge wire screen style isn't easy to be locked

2) Due to the different pressure between inside from outside,it could be very easily to clean the plugging material.

3) We are eager for long-terms cooperative parters ,our factory promise the best quality to have a high filtering accuracy, high strengh and durability

4) We have the most advanced equipments and the most professional workers , so totally could be as per customer's drawing to produce new styles.

Application of stainless steel sieve bend screen

-- Used in industries such as Sugar, Coal Mining & Quarrying, Mineral Processing, Cement, and Industrial & Urban Effluent Treatment etc.

-- Used as a pre-filter in urban & industrial waste treatment plants to improve the performance of the clarifier by drastically reducing the load.

-- Used for fiber removal in Starch industry.

                                        stainless steel sieve bend screen

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