Now we are selling pressure screen slotted basket, welcome to order.-
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pressure screen slotted basket

pressure screen slotted basket

pressure screen slotted basket
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Description of pressure screen slotted basket:

UBO have approached scientifically to screening and separating of fiber, and made the utility maximized. In addition,with the superior technology with surface treatment, we're adding the nice look to the screen basket, and make the life of the screen basket much longer.

Screen basket of Sinostar guarantees progressive Lowering Production Cost, Elevation of Productivity
Improvement of quality for your company. Sinostar wire is selected optionally considering the length of fiber, dissociation or separation, type of paper, productivity, efficiency on elimination of foreign substance, and durability of Screen Basket.

Features of Pressure Screen Basket

-- Mechanically held wires, built in the round.

-- Rugged, high mechanical strength.

-- Available for outward and inward flow screens.

-- Precise slot-width tolerance.

screen slotted basket
UBO is specialized in producing and distributing wedge wire screen, lauter tun screens, sieve bend screen, sieve plate screen, water strainer & nozzle, screen nozzles, centrifuge screens and baskets, header-lateral etc. 

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