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hub radial laterals

hub radial laterals

hub radial lateralshub radial laterals
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Description of hub radial laterals:

Screens collector and distributor systems are important components of ion exchange units, media filters, sand filters, carbon strip vessels, catalyst towers, zeolite filters, and in many water and wastewater treatment and petrochemical industry applications.

The collector and distributor systems including header laterals, hub laterals and inlet/outlet baskets, which allow designers to provide uniform flow through treatment media at a wide range of flow rates and for a variety of vessel sizes and shapes.
The system of collection and distribution is composed of a central tube, or alternatively a hub, equipped with several laterals to ensure perfect distribution of flow. 

Advantages of hub radial laterals

-- High weld strength

-- Higher accuracy and consistency of wire gap

-- Lower surface roughness

-- Single piece cylinder construction (As opposed to welded patched cylinders)

-- Axially-seamless cylinder construction

hub radial laterals

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