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Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen

Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen

  • Category:Industrial/Filtration
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Properties:Industial/filtration
  • Application:water treatment, oilfield, mining, food industry, chemical industry, papermaking industry, decoration.
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Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen
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Description of Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen:

     Sieve Bend Screens also known as side hill screens, parabolic screens,rundown screens, gravityscreens and DSM screens, can be custom designed to separate solids from liquids in various applications including food processing, pulp and paper, waste water cleanup, surface water intakes,corn wet milling, coal preparation, and gold recovery.Sieve Bends are cross-flow screens. The profile wires are slightly tilted so that the leading edge is position higher which greatly increases the dewatering capacity.A sieve bend consists of a concave curved profile wire screen mounted in a frame with the screen openings perpendicular to the flow. A curved screen has greater capacity than a flat wedge screen due to forces exerted as material flows against the curved surface.

Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen Application Field:

   This series vibrating screen is mainly used to dewater,deslime,take off medium,grading and slurry recycling. It is more suitable for hydrocyclone and sieving, desliming and dewatering for fine material.

Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen Structure and Features:

  This series arc vibrating screen is a kind of grading equipment for fine material. It is mainly composed of arc sieving frame, stainless steel slot screen plate, vibration motor and distributing device. This machine has simple structure and easy installation. Also it has a good adaptability for fine mine sieving and is easily through sieve plate.

Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen Advantage:

High strength;
Good resistance to abrasion and corrosion;
High rigidity;
Good in filtration and fluidity;
Flat panel surface;
Fairly well precision and roundness;
Long work time.
Easy to clean and back wash;
Uniform gap.

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Sieve Bend Dewatering Screen

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