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Screen Services Resin Traps manufacture

Screen Services Resin Traps manufacture

Screen Services Resin Traps manufactureScreen Services Resin Traps manufacture
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Description of Screen Services Resin Traps manufacture:

Resin Trap to keep the resin does not pass the filter if there is a leak from the filter / strainer / nozzle. So it can be detected / maintained so that the resin is not wasted.

Resin Trap Screen Predominantly used in water treatment processes namely in 'Ion Exchange' and other numerous media filter systems, Completion Products offers a Resin Trap Screen. This screen system is primarily used as a safety device and is positioned immediately after the outlet nozzle of the vessel/reactor.

Resin Traps

Applications of Wedge Wire Screen Resin Traps

• Water and waste water

• Pulp and paper

• Chemical

• Petrochemical

• Water supply

• Mineral and aggregate processing

• Plastics extrusion

• Machine coolant filtration

• Architectural applications

Features of Wedge Wire Screen Resin Traps

• Non-clogging surface 

• Large open area 

• Low pressure drop 

• Hydraulic efficiency 

• High flow rates 

• Mechanical strength 

• Abrasion-resistant 

• Easy cleaning


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