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SS Wedge Wire Intake Screen

SS Wedge Wire Intake Screen

SS Wedge Wire Intake ScreenSS Wedge Wire Intake Screen
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Description of SS Wedge Wire Intake Screen:

Effective and economic effluent treatment is the key element to successful, compliant waste management. Gap Technology Ltd have developed our wealth of design and manufacturing experience to offer bespoke Wedge Wire solutions for water treatment and clarification, achieving high levels of suspended solids reduction for industrial and municipal applications.

Features of Wedge Wire Intake Screen

1) Non-clogging surface

2) Large open area

3) Low pressure drop

4) Hydraulic efficiency

5) High flow rates 

6) Mechanical strength

7) Abrasion-resistant 

8) Easy cleaning

Aplication of Wedge Wire Intake Screen

Wedge wire screen is the widely using screen for filtration and separation in liquid/gas, mining, food, water wasting, and so on.

                                ss wedge wire intake screen

UBO is specialized in producing and distributing wedge wire screen,lauter tun screens,sieve bend screen,sieve plate screen,water strainer&nozzle,screen nozzles,centrifuge screens and baskets,header-lateral etc. 

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