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SS Water Treatment Nozzle Filter

SS Water Treatment Nozzle Filter

SS Water Treatment Nozzle FilterSS Water Treatment Nozzle Filter
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Description of SS Water Treatment Nozzle Filter:

Flow capacity of one pieces of slot wire wrapped filter nozzle could handle 3 m3/hour. Up to this flow capacity, almost no pressure loss happened. But to handle higher flow capacity, the pressure loss of each nozzle will be increasing accordingly. This fillter nozzle type is the cheapest sellection for filter media retention.

Advantages of Slot Wire Wrapped Water Treatment Nozzle Filter

• high strength compared to plastic nozzles

• flexibility in design

• strong construction (self supporting)

• large open area

• plug-resistant slot design

Usage of Slot Wire Wrapped Water Treatment Nozzle Filter

water softening treatment equipment, replace Polypropylene ( PP ) filter;
sand filters, carbon filters, ion exchange systems, carbon absorbers,
media retention, backwash retention, resin retention and resin traps.

                                 filter nozzle

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