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Run down screen

Run down screen

Run down screenRun down screenRun down screen
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Description of Run down screen:

Run down screen is used throughout the world for water, oil, and gas wells, and for environmental well completions. It is the dominant screen type used in the water well industry. this type of screen made up of rods and warp.the rod can be round wire,triangular wire and trapezoid wire.the wire is welded to the rods and produces a rigid unit that has high strength and minimum weight.the warp is triangular wire(v-shape wire).The water well screens have astructure and high open area;as well as accurate slot dimension. At the same time,water well screen have heat -resising,anti-corrosive,good machine capability,last long ,satefy and reliability and so on.

Advantages of run down screen

When considering screens of equal length, diameter and slot size, flow rates through V-shaped well screens can be;Three times higher than bridge-slot screens;Nine times higher than slotted casing

run down screens have V-shaped openings that narrowest at the outer face and widen inwardly, thus, oversized particles are retained outside the screen and particles passing through the narrow outside opening can enter the screen.

Features of run down screen

-- Weld consistency

-- Superior finish

-- Corrosion resistance

-- Responsive to rigorous fabrication

-- High metallurgical properties
                                      Run down screen

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