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Plate nozzle/strainer factory

Plate nozzle/strainer factory

Plate nozzle/strainer factoryPlate nozzle/strainer factoryPlate nozzle/strainer factory
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Description of Plate nozzle/strainer factory:

UBO filter nozzles, manufactured uniquely in stainless steel or alloy, are successfully used in mixed beds, ion exchangers and regenerators of condensate polishing system.
the wedge wire element in a nozzle is a screen pipe. nozzles are closed on one side and have a threaded fitting on the other. one rubber shim , one steel shim and two thin nuts of the same material for a nozzle. material: sus304, AISI316l, 316 and haynes alloy c etc..
UBO filter nozzles can be used for liquid/solid or gas/solid separation, or media retention (sand, catalyst, resin, ....).the nozzles are mounted on a support plate. the dimensions and the distribution of the nozzles on the support plate can be altered to obtain an optimized flow distribution.
above mentioned designs are used widely in down-flow reactors for liquid/solid or gas/solid separation. the liquid or gas can flow through the nozzles while the solids are retained in the vessel by the nozzles.

Features of Plate nozzle/strainer factory

*High mechanical strength, can withstand greater pressure
*Uniform aperture, form uniform filter cake, beneficial backwash regeneration
*Wedge-shaped filter gap, improve backwash regeneration capacity
*High pressure, high temperature, anti-aging, corrosion resistant, available for many types liquid.
*Almost two-dimensional filter, without particle accumulation, can gather energy when backwash, good backwash effect

Applications of Plate nozzle/strainer factory

The product is especially suitable for fluids containing wax, asphalt and high viscosity. Widely used in coarse and fine filtration of water treatment of power oil wells, gas wells, wells, chemical, mining,, environmental protection, metallurgy,Decoration and other industries.

      Plate nozzle/strainer factory
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