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High Performance Header Lateral Screen

High Performance Header Lateral Screen

High Performance Header Lateral ScreenHigh Performance Header Lateral Screen
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Description of High Performance Header Lateral Screen:

header laterals of fluids can be performed by a series of laterals attached to either a central tube or a central hub. Systems of this type provide excellent uniformity in collection or distribution over the entire cross-section of the reactor. A typical vessel would use a header lateral assembly at the top to distribute inflow evenly across the bed surface.

Located near the vessel bottom, a second lateral assembly collects the treated flow and passes it through either the vessel sidewall using a tube or out of the bottom of the vessel using a central hub. Laterals may be attached to headers or hubs using any desired method – the most commonly used fittings are threaded fittings, couplings and flanges. Perforated pipe liners can be used inside screen laterals for increased collapse resistance and enhanced flow distribution. Our engineers can provide design assistance to optimize lateral system configurations to suit your process.

Advantages of High Performance Header Lateral Screen

-- High weld strength

-- Higher accuracy and consistency of wire gap

-- Lower surface roughness

-- Single piece cylinder construction (As opposed to welded patched cylinders)

-- Axially-seamless cylinder construction

header laterals

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