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Centrifuge Baskets

Centrifuge Baskets

Centrifuge Baskets
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Description of Centrifuge Baskets:

Ubo centrifugal screen baskets are the strongest and most robust in the mineral processing industry. The baskets are built to exacting specifications and quality standards. There are models to suit most centrifugal dryers. Screen wires are welded to support rods at every junction to ensure strong, rigid construction.

Ubo offers a variety of wire shapes and configurations which allow our engineers to design the basket for the specific requirements of the application. Wire shapes are designed to maximize wear life and open area. The relief angle is reduced to better maintain constant slot integrity during the life of the basket.

Features of wedge wire screen centrifuge baskets

The benefit of Wedge Wire Screen is more open area, have very precise openings, maximum design flexibility, stronger and more durable, economical, easier installation and long-term operating.

Application of wedge wire screen centrifuge baskets

wedge wire baskets are designed to withstand the stresses of centrifugal dryer systems.

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