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Belt Filter Press

Belt Filter Press

Belt Filter Press
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Description of Belt Filter Press:

Belt filter press is the solution to many de-watering, sizing, and waste water cleanup problems. typical uses are sewage treatment, laundry wash water clean-up, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetable wastewater processing, minerals processing, coal preparation, paper production, textile plants, and many more.
sieve bend consists of a concave curved profile wire screen mounted in a frame with the screen openings perpendicular to the flow. a curved screen has greater capacity than a flat screen due to forces exerted as material flows against the curved surface.
sieve bends are also known as dsm screens, after dutch state mines, who introduced the sieve bend as a static sizing screen having ten times greater capacity than conventional vibrating screens.
larger particles continue down the screen surface, with much of the liquid removed. separation size is considerably smaller than screen openings, usually about one half the opening sizes.

Application of Belt Filter Press

They are used in industries such as Sugar, Coal Mining & Quarrying, Mineral Processing, Cement, and Industrial & Urban Effluent Treatment etc. Sieve bend screens are also used as a pre-filter in urban & industrial waste treatment plants to improve the performance of the clarifier by drastically reducing the load. Widely used for fiber removal in Starch industry.

 Characteristics of Belt Filter Press

The benefit of wedge wire screen is more open area, have very precise openings ,maximum design flexibility, stronger and more durable, economical ,easier installation and long-term operating etc.

Features of Belt Filter Press 

Low Headroom - only 1.1 metres (44") tall for the 900 mm arc length unit.Energy Efficient - operates with no moving parts and with no energy input.
Space Efficient - treats up to 122 litres per second per square metre of floor space.
Quiet Operation - no moving parts means no mechanical or electrical vibrations.Accurate Sizing - can be used for sizing solid particles down to 0.2 mm (0.008").
Low Maintenance - the profile wire screen resists clogging by near-size particles, and the all-stainless steel construction ensures a long, corrosion-free installation.
Easy Screen Replacement - a typical screen can be replaced in 10 minutes with no tools.

Belt Filter Press

Ubo offers a wide variety of belt filter presses to be used in the pulp and paper industry for sludge, rejects and fiber dewatering. They can be used to dewater any type of water suspensions and production processes. The press is manufactured in different models to meet the solids characteristics and quantity of dewatering needs

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