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ASTM316 wedge wire screen for Resin Traps

ASTM316 wedge wire screen for Resin Traps

ASTM316 wedge wire screen for Resin TrapsASTM316 wedge wire screen for Resin TrapsASTM316 wedge wire screen for Resin Traps
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Description of ASTM316 wedge wire screen for Resin Traps:

ASTM316 wedge wire screen for Resin Traps is used to capture with the hose out ion exchange resin particles. Online water treatment with resin, when the quality of the resin is bad enough (intensity), large hydraulic disturbance (especially the high pressure disturbance)

Resin traps are compared.in the damage, will enter the whole water system, the system affect the normal operation of other devices, so you need to furnish resin trap.Resin trap which is equipped with a resin such as ion exchanger equipment export install on the road near the stream over a diameter smaller than the resin filter, and have the function of washing. When resin after, can be blocked by screen capture, at the same time, through the differential pressure before and after automatic flushing, emissions will be captured by the resin system.

Resin Traps

Features of ASTM316 wedge wire screen for resin traps

-- Stainless steel construction Clear acrylic tube for unobstructed viewing Available in 2", 3" and 4" pipe sizes

-- End connection options: threaded, socket or flanged Resin/media blowdown valve for trap cleaning and media retrieval

-- High flow rates with low pressure loss, clean trap pressure drop is < 2.0 psig

Usages of ASTM316 Wedge Wire Screen for resin traps

1) Cation, anion, mixed bed, and selective ion exchange resin systems

2) Commercial and industrial water softeners

3) Activated carbon filters

4) Greensand, multimedia, sand, anthracite, etc. media filters.

        ASTM316 wedge wire screen for Resin Traps

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