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wedge wire screen for mining & mineral processing

wedge wire screen for mining & mineral processing

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  • Material:Low carton, low carton galvanized steel (LCG), stainless steel
  • Properties:Food & Beverage Screens
  • Application:make animal feed ,filteration, dehydration
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wedge wire screen for mining & mineral processing
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Description of wedge wire screen for mining & mineral processing:

The wedge wire screen panel are the most widely used type of Wedge Wire Screens. The flat wedge wire screen are mainly in the mineral processing both for stationery as well as vibratory decks.Our screen are most dependable for effective sizing or classifying as they have accurate bar spacing from as low as 0.01 mm to 4.5mm at interval of 0. 0 1 mm.Because of Looped construction they probably have the highest strength for any particular size and are self supporting and do not require support for long distances.

The panels are either continuously or intermittently welded on the lower side of loop to provide complete rigidity to the panels thus becoming very effective in transmitting the vibrations without mechanical failures. The panels can be made with any type of fitment as per the requirement of the customers and for particular machines i.e. the side bar can be of Mild Steel or Stainless Steel square bar or of good quality square rubber, rubber strips, hook strips etc.

Applications of Wedge Wire Screen Panel

-- Mineral processing;

-- Hatchery screens ;

-- Food processing ;

-- Surface water intake screens ;

-- Fish diversion screen panels ;

-- Vibrating or static screen decking ;

-- Flooring for malt kiln, germination, and grain drying.

Wedge wire screen for mining and mineral processing

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