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Spirally Wound Wedge Wire Cylinders

Spirally Wound Wedge Wire Cylinders

Spirally Wound Wedge Wire Cylinders
Wire Mesh Wire Mesh
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Description of Spirally Wound Wedge Wire Cylinders:

Spirally Wound Wedge Wire Cylinders Wedge wire is the preferred medium for the production of paints, resins, inks, dyes, drugs, chemicals and petrochemicals. Our manufacturing techniques have enabled us to offer bespoke solutions in many forms of flat sieves and cylindrical screens, processing materials down to the nanometric scale. Filter pipes of inside to outside construction with an axial slot direction have standard diameters ranging from 20mm to 260mm, with outside to inside radial cylinders ranging from 20mm to 400mm.

Characteristics of Wedge Wire Screen Cylinder

1) continuous gap provide larger aperture ratio

2) Precision gaps dimension

3) difficult to clog,wear-resistance

Applications for Wedge Wire Screen Cylinder

Wedge Wire screen cylinders are normally utilized in: 

a) Water and wastewater treatments

b) Mining 

c) Petrochemical industry

d) Brewery and distilling industries

e) Food procesing

f) Paper and pulp industry

g) Fishing industry

h) Particles separation.

Spirally Wound Wedge Wire Cylinders

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