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Activated Carbon Bed Regeneration

Activated Carbon Bed Regeneration

Activated Carbon Bed Regeneration
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Description of Activated Carbon Bed Regeneration:

Activated Carbon Bed Regeneration Water well screen,Mine sieving mesh Effective and economic effluent treatment is the key element to successful, compliant waste management. Gap Technology Ltd have developed our wealth of design and manufacturing experience to offer bespoke Wedge Wire solutions for water treatment and clarification, achieving high levels of suspended solids reduction for industrial and municipal applications.
Gap Technology Ltd manufacture a wide range of Run Down Screens, Rotary Screens, Brush Screens, Screw Compactors and Clarifiers, all with interchangeable wedge wire elements and designed to cater for individual specifications.


water well screen adopt the most advanced European full welded manufacturing technique, (Wraping the special wedge wire continuously onto the longitudinal rods and welding it ). Which gaurantees the integral continuty of the products and makes a perfect slot as u want. Compared with the ordinary welding, the water well screen we made has the features of smooth surface without any burrs or edges, even slots without grease leaking. The product can be made as u request in different sepecification and material.production and inspection is carried on according to the authoritative standard, which ensure the quality and the benefits of the customers. Achieve the highest efficiency out of the most economical investment.


1.adoption of the wedged wires made a V profile slot. This design ensures the fluent of water filteration and more effective
2.wedged wires are spirally wound around a cage of longitudinal support rods in succession which formed high-density uniformed slots and avoid clogging. So that the high production efficiency and long life service of the well are gaurenteed.
3.arrangement of the longitudinal support rods and the successive slots provide higher compressive property

water well screen

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