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wire screens china manufacturing plant -UBO

2015-03-31 By zhaozhao

wire screens china manufacturing plant -UBO


Fully welded wire wrapped screen in the world is widely used in the oil, gas and water wells sand industry, its position in the water well industry is particularly prominent, a variety of water filter screen in the most widely used one.
UBO world's most advanced all-around welding production process, the application of a special trapezoid wire winding type in circumferentially arranged a group of welded wire support. Welding the whole program to ensure product integrity strict continuous, making it the ideal size of the gap formation, and have the maximum amount of performance to withstand high pressures.
Production processes by professional staff using advanced sophisticated professional equipment for production. Product specifications and materials can be customized according to customer needs in particular, all products are strictly referring to SY / T 5182-2008 standard for production testing to ensure product quality, so as to ensure the interests of our customers in the most economical investment for maximum production efficiency.

Our services:

1. The product can be customized according to the actual needs of customers with different specifications and raw materials (mainly stainless steel and carbon steel in two), to ensure a reasonable investment, reduce production costs.
2. The screen can also be connected to the different needs of production.
3. Non-stainless steel products can be formed by a protective layer of galvanized or plastic coating. Looks beautiful and clean.
4. The production of packaging according to customer needs.
5. The product also is widely used in the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, papermaking, water treatment and other industries.

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