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what is a dsm screen

2022-07-13 By zhaozhao

The DSM screen is a curved concave wedge bar type of stationary screen made to be rugged, compact, efficient, and easy to operate. Widely used in various filtration and screening, like mineral processing, chemical industry, food processing, pulp and paper, and waste treatment.

Genellary, DSM screens consist of wedge wire profiles and support profiles. The material adopts stainless steel.

DSM screens

What types of DSM screens are there?


Our full line of DSM Screens is available in the following types: 45°, 60°, 120°, 270°, 300°, and others. As the saying goes, Every Field Has Its Master. Each screen has its own unique use. For example:
· The 45° DSM Screen is best suited for thickening and screening.
· The 120° type DSM Screen is capable of thickening pulp, recovering fiber, or separating fiber as small as 100 microns in length from water suspension.

sieve bend screen

How does the DSM screen work?


According to the manufacturer, the adjacent Profile Wires are positioned perpendicular to the process flow and thus enable its leading edge to ‘cut’ the flow and collect the process liquid and smaller solid particles. The much larger particles will run down the screen and are collected as a consequence. Therefore it requires no electricity, saving energy.

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