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wedge wire flat panel screens filter

2022-12-07 By zhaozhao

Wedge wire flat panel screens filter also called wedge wire screen panels, provide filtration with an open gap between the V-profiled wires.

Our flat panel screens filter is composed of v-wire profiles and support profiles. Manufactured by welding special profiled working wires to support wires at an angle of 90 degrees. The material adopts high-quality stainless steel.

wedge wire flat panel screens filter

Wedge wire flat panel screens filter features

1. V-shaped opening, large filtration area, precise filtration.
2. The low tendency to clog, Self-cleaning, and backwashing function.
3. Strong carrying capacity.
4. Long service life.

Application areas of flat panel screens filter

YUBO wedge wire flat panels are widely used in various industries of liquid and solid filtration and screening.
1. Wastewater& water treatment system.
2. Food and beverage industries.
3. Oil and gas.
4. Chemical filtration.
5. Mine and coal.
6. Urban drainage.

Flat panel screens filter specifications

Slot size, material, and frame type are determined according to the customer's needs and application. So Please specify the requirements of various specifications and sizes in advance to avoid invalid communication!

What is the minimum order quantity of wedge wire flat panel screen filters?

We don’t have MOQ limited, usually with 1 PC.

What is your delivery time?

For custom wedge wire filters, we will produce and deliver within 7-15 days.

How to order YUBO wedge wire flat panel screens?

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2. Leave a message below the website!
3. Contact us directly!
WhatsApp: 86 13653285589
E-mail: sales@uboscreen.com


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