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wastewater uses for wedge wire screen

2020-10-10 By zhaozhao

Effective and economic effluent treatment is the key element to successful, compliant waste management. 

Our UBO offers customed Wedge Wire solutions for water treatment and clarification, achieving high levels of suspended solids reduction for industrial and municipal applications.

Primary wastewater uses for wedge wire screens:

1.Solids removal from process wastewater

2.Process wastewater/sewage treatment

3. Water diversion, keep trash out of rivers, streams, sewers, fountains, etc.

4. Fruit and vegetable wastewater processing

Our company’s wedge wire screens are made from stainless steel grade material that is not only efficient but also a cost-effective solution for our customers. A complete product line for wastewater treatment is available for various application processes.

wedge wire screen for water/wastewater treatment

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