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ss vs plastic filter nozzle

2022-04-25 By zhaozhao

SS VS Plastic Filter Nozzle-Which one to Choose?

The stainless steel and plastic filter nozzle all are widely used in water systems. SS vs. plastic filter nozzle, which one to choose, the material is a necessary consideration.

Compared with the plastic filter nozzle, the stainless steel material has more benefits:
1. High-temperature resistance is better. Stainless steel can withstand high temperatures up to 500° C. However, the plastic material is easy to melt and deform when exposed to high temperatures.
2. Corrosion resistance. For that matter, stainless steel and plastic all are corrosion resistant, the plastic could be better.
3. But the SS filter nozzle has a more long service life, and replacement is slow, so it has a low cost.

Of course, no matter which filter nozzle you choose, cost, durability and the running-in of the equipment must be considered. When we choose filter products, we need to choose products according to the actual situation. We must not choose blindly, and we must not replace them for the sake of saving trouble.

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