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ss slot v wire flat panel filtration

2022-06-22 By zhaozhao

SS slot v wire flat panel is a type of industrial screen for filtration including solid/liquid/gas filtration.

Our v wire panel is manufactured by the flat welded screen in the panel. Welded wedge wire products are the most reliable, long-lasting, and maintenance-free filter media.

wedge wire screen panel
Which industry needs to use slot wedge wire flat screen?

ss slot v wire flat panel for the malting and brewing industries

In my view, YUBO offers a variety of flat screens for the malting and brewing industries. Works great in these filtering processes, like:
• Germination
• Kilning
• Ultrafiltration
• Steeping
• Malt extraction

Used in the kilning, germination, and drying phases of the malting process, YUBO Screens’ malting bed screens are the ideal choice for malting floors and other screening needs in the malting process.

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