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screw press wedge wire screen

2022-12-21 By zhaozhao

The screw press wedge wire screen also called the slotted drum screen is suitable for sewage sludge treatment, and wastewater treatment in breweries and other beverage industries.

Our screw press wedge wire screen is manufactured with v wire profiles and support profiles. The material is high-quality rigid stainless steel. Has a big advantage over the normal separator screen drum.


screw press wedge wire screen

Benefits of screw press wedge wire screen

1. Wear-resistant, high-pressure resistant.
2. Wedge wire structure with precise slot size and high filtration efficiency.
3. Special surface treatment, clean surface, backwash function, easy to clean.
4. Long service life.
5. Customized according to the use environment and application. We provide OEM service.

Where can we use the screw press wedge wire screens?

We can customize various specifications of V-shaped screw press screens for animal manure separators, solid-liquid separators, and screw press separators.
1. Cow dung dryer/cow dung dehydrator.
2. Chicken/duck manure separator (broilers and layers).
3. Pig Manure Dehydrator/Pig Manure Separator.
4. Sand manure separator.

How to clean the screw press wedge wire screens?

In order to ensure screening efficiency, we must regularly clean and maintain screw press wedge wire screens. Cleaning frequency and precautions are as follows:
1. Clean the screen with high-pressure water every 1-2 months. After cleaning, pay attention to where the screen is installed.
2. If you notice reduced outlet flow, clean the strainer.

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