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mash tun vs lauter tun

2022-06-15 By zhaozhao

The mash tun or lauter tun is necessary filtration equipment in the production process of beer and beverages.

A mash tun, also combined with a lauter tun, is a vessel in which you infuse your grains; usually, a large cooler (or kettle) equipped with a false bottom and a valve with a spigot that allows you to draw off the sweet wort.

mash tun vs lauter tun

What is the lauter tun?

A lauter tun is the traditional vessel used for separation of the extracted wort and has a thin false bottom containing slits that enable the vessel to hold back any solids, therefore allowing only liquids to pass through.

mash tun vs lauter tun
What is the mash tun?

Mash tun vessels form a critical part of the preparation for the fermentation process in beverage processing. Mash tun vessels generally have a level shower that requires even distribution of water.

What is the difference between mash and Lauter tun?

Specifically, mashing is the process of extracting soluble materials from the grains with water and enzymatically converting them into a form the yeast can use, while lautering refers to the separation of the liquid and solid portions of the finished mash. So mashing is an enzymatic/chemical process, and lautering is basically physical.

In big operations, a dedicated mash tun is essentially a second kettle designed to handle the thick mash. The lauter tun would be close to what we tend to use as a mash/lauter tun: insulated but not heated, with a false bottom for separation, and some kind of sparging apparatus.

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