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dsm sieve curved screens

2022-12-07 By zhaozhao

DSM sieve curved screens are composed of stainless steel wedge wire screens. Also called wedge wire sieve bend screen or parabolic screen. The DSM screen can be made into different radii and angles according to needs. 45°, 60°, 120°, 270°, 300° screens are common types.

The DSM sieve curved screen is a curved concave wedge bar type of stationary screen. No electricity is required, saving cost. Widely used in wastewater purification, mineral processing, sugar and paper making, and other fields.

DSM sieve curved screens

DSM sieve curved screens manufacturer&supplier&factory in China


YUBO provides professional wedge wire DSM sieve curved screens OEM service. We can custom various specifications and types. Each project is designed to ensure complete satisfaction. We provide guidance and support from project conception to completion.

DSM sieve curved screens Features

Efficient separation with sharp cut;
Wedge wire structure, not easy to block;
Self-cleaning function, easy to clean;
Long service life;
Low maintenance cost.

DSM sieve curved screens working princple

Under the action of centrifugal force, gravity and friction, the material to be screened passes through the screen. In the process of the material layer flowing from one screen bar to another, the edge of the screen bar has a cutting effect on the material layer, so that a part of water and fine particles are separated.

sieve bend screen

Types and Applications of DSM sieve curved screens

The arc angles of 45 °, 60 °, and 90 ° are often used in the gravity flow DSM screen, which is used in the coal preparation plant and concentrator. Pressure type DSM screen, usually 180 ° and 270 ° radian, is used for grading operations in the grinding process of the cement industry.

How does DSM sieve curved screens work?(animation)

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