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Why Sugarmill need to use Centrifuge Sugar Screen

2020-12-07 By zhaozhao

Working Principle of Centrifuge Sugar Screens

The principle of wedge wire centrifuge sugar screens is very simple.

1. The material is fed axially from the feed pipe at the tapered end.

2. A separating plate is fixed at the cone end of the screen basket, and the materials are evenly arranged along the screen surface.

3. The screen basket is made of high-quality wedge wire screen by welding process.

4. After the operation screening, the starch milk comes down from the back of the screen, and the fiber comes down from the screen surface.

5. After being dehydrated, the screened fiber is sent to the slag storage pool by the rotary conveyor. In this process, the spray device is equipped to wake up the water spraying work, so as to prevent the mesh from being blocked.

Centrifuge Sugar Screens

How to Solve the Swing Problem of Centrifuge Sugar Screens?

When hanging centrifuge sugar screens is used, sometimes it will swing. How to deal with it?

1. The centrifugal screen basket is connected with the bottom of the basket with screws, and the bottom of the basket is connected with the main shaft without a key, and the screws are used to prevent loosening.

2. Discharge cover device: cancel the structure type of the lifting screen basket cover device, and adopt the lower screen basket cover device to save space and facilitate the placement of the cloth tray.

3. If the centrifugal screen basket swings during use, you can follow the above methods to operate, of course, you can also consult the manufacturer’s technical after-sales personnel for effective and timely treatment.

Why Sugar Factory need to use Centrifuge Sugar Screens

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