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What is the working principle of the wedge wire screen

2019-11-26 By zhaozhao

How wedge wire mesh works
Wedge screen is a metal mesh element widely used in sieving, filtering, dewatering and desilting operations. It has high strength, stiffness and load-bearing capacity, and can be made into rigid screening filters of various shapes.
The wedge wire screen consists of a surface profile and a support profile. A surface profile, usually a V-shaped wire, is wrapped and welded to the support profile. The distance between the surface contours is very precisely controlled because it forms the gap through which the filtrate flows. The direction of flow is determined by the position of the V-line (surface profile) relative to the support profile. The wedge wire screen can flow in and out.

1)Its uniform filter tank and high accuracy ensure effective retention of filter media.
2) Compared with other screens, wedge wire screens have a larger flow area.
3) The tiny gaps between the wedge lines form a smooth wedge-shaped cross-section, ensuring no dead ends, excellent anti-blocking properties and the ability to easily backwash (purge).
4) It has high mechanical strength and can withstand higher pressure drops.
5)It is made of high-quality stainless steel wire (SUS304 and 316L), has strong corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and can fully adapt to various harsh environments.
6) It adapts to different forms of fluid direction, with high strength, large flow and high pressure resistance.
7) It maintains stable filtration accuracy and can be reused and works reliably.

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