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What are the special properties of Sieve Bend Screen

2019-12-17 By zhaozhao

Sieve Bend Screen is mainly used for material classification, dehydration, and demineralization in coal mines and other industries. The material is fed into the screen surface at a certain speed along the tangent direction. Due to the centrifugal force, the material layer moves close to the screen surface. When the material layer flows from one screen bar to another screen bar.
The edge of each screen bar has a cutting effect on the material layer. Under the action of centrifugal force, the cut part of the material is discharged through the screen slot and becomes the material under the screen; the part of the material not cut passes the root screen bar and becomes the material on the screen. Arc vibrating screen is a kind of fixed slit screen with a certain radius of curvature and wraps angle. It has no moving parts, and its structure is relatively simple, but its handling capacity is very large. The Sieve Bend Screen is responsible for dewatering, demineralization, desliming, and grading slime recovery in the coal preparation process.
According to different feeding methods. It can be divided into two types: one is the self flow Sieve Bend Screen without pressure feeding; the other is the pressure Sieve Bend Screen with pressure feeding. The Sieve Bend Screen is mainly composed of a set of Sieve Bend Screen surface, feeder, discharge funnel and support arranged horizontally by screen bars. It is used to make the trapezoid screen bar on the curved screen surface. The arrangement direction of the screen bar is perpendicular to the movement direction of the slurry on the screen surface. The screen bar is generally made of stainless steel.

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